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Classic-Jackpot 147th KLN Lottery
October, 22: 10,000,000.- Euro
November, 26: 12,000,000.- Euro
December, 24: 14,000,000.- Euro
January, 28: 16,000,000.- Euro
February, 25: 18,000,000.- Euro
March, 30: 20,000,000.- Euro Lot-Number 0.430.797

Bonus-Jackpot 147th KLN Lottery
November, 26: 10,000,000.- Euro
December, 24: 15,000,000.- Euro
January, 28: 20,000,000.- Euro
February, 25: 25,000,000.- Euro
March, 30: 30,000,000.- Euro

Classic-Jackpot 148th KLN Lottery
April, 22: 10,000,000.- Euro
May, 27: 12,000,000.- Euro
June, 24: 14,000,000.- Euro
July, 22: 16,000,000.- Euro
August, 28: 18,000,000.- Euro
September, 30: 20,000,000.- Euro

Bonus-Jackpot 148th KLN Lottery
May, 27: 10,000,000.- Euro
June, 24: 15,000,000.- Euro
July, 22: 20,000,000.- Euro
August, 28: 25,000,000.- Euro
September, 30: 30,000,000.- Euro

Next drawing on April, 22

Classic-Jackpot: 10,000,000.- Euro


Next drawing on May, 27

Bonus-Jackpot: 10,000,000.- Euro

The 148th Klassenlotterie Nord will again feature a sensational addition - the Double Jackpot.
This is how the two Jackpots work:

The Classic-Jackpot:

The Classic-Jackpot begins in the 1st Class with 10 million euros. In the 2nd to 6th Class there will be an additional 2 million euros in each Class if the Jackpot has not been drawn.
The Classic-Jackpot can therefore increase to a maximum of 20 million euros up to the 6th Class.
If, for example, the Jackpot is drawn in Class 3 (with 14 million euros) it will begin again in Class 4 at 10 million euros.
The Classic-Jackpot will therefore always amount to a minimum of 10 million euros.

The Bonus-Jackpot:

The Bonus-Jackpot does not begin until the 2nd Class, also with 10 million euros. In each of the Classes 3 to 6, a further 5 million euros is added.
The Bonus-Jackpot there increases faster than the Classic-Jackpot and can reach a maximum of 30 million euros by the 6th Class.
The total amount in the Bonus-Jackpot only increases until the Jackpot has been drawn. It is then closed for the current Lottery.

Thanks to the Double Jackpot the chances of becoming rich have never been higher!!